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Hammercorp are your leading custom dual occupancy and duplex home builders in Sydney

Are you looking to unlock the full potential of your property with a high-end luxury duplex home in Sydney? Hammercorp are Sydney's award-winning duplex home building specialists, here to help build the duplex of your dreams. We assist you in maximising the potential of your development, ensuring great returns on your investment through the highest quality duplex construction Sydney has to offer.

From zoning and development viability through to design and construction, our team is there for you through the entire duplex building process. We specialise in building beautifully designed dual occupancy homes that are tailored custom to your unique needs and requirements. Building to the highest standard, we work with you to achieve your incredible vision at your ideal budget.

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Maximise your investment and privacy with a luxury duplex home built custom to your vision

As an owner/developer, you want a builder who not only you can trust to deliver duplex construction of the highest quality, but one who deeply understands the market and maximising return on investment. Our expert duplex builders work with you to figure out your goals, whether it be for an investment or a comfortable solution for your family. We build stunning new duplexes that are unique to your lifestyle and vision.

benefits of building a duplex home in sydney

Building a luxury custom duplex on your block has several advantages for homeowners looking for comfortable living or to earn extra income. Not only can it offer a generous return on investment when compared to owning an individual property, but it offers greater flexibility over your property too.
  • Rental yields are much higher than an individual property, with the ability to earn money from rent on two seperate houses in the same location.
    You have the option to live on one side of the duplex and rent out the other side, with the extra income being used to pay off the mortgage to the home. This makes it a great option for first home buyers looking for a cost-effective alternative to owning a home.
    Having multiple sections to rent out individually also gives you income diversity, protecting you from potential losses for each investment (for example, if a tenant moves out).
    You have options to rent out for short-term stays on accommodation platforms such as Airbnb.
    Duplexes are perfect for convenient family arrangements. If you would like to keep your elderly relatives close to you and your family, a duplex is a perfect solution.
If you are looking for a smart investment or a comfortable solution for your family, Hammercorp's prestige duplex home building service is your answer. Our professional team can help you decide what the best solution for your property is based on your goals and requirements.

Let us guide you through the duplex building process

Let Hammercorp be the expert team to bring your duplex home build to life. Through thoughtful design and expert craftmanship, we'll build your duplex by perfectly utilising the space on your property and combining it with the creative input given by you. This allows you to achieve a build that not only maximises the potential of your property but is reflective of your self-expression and custom style.

We take care of every aspect of the building process, walking through everything you need to ensure your duplex is built exactly as you envisioned. Building a luxury duplex requires specialist expertise, which is something that our award-winning home builders at Hammercorp are renowned for.

We look after everything in your duplex home building process, including:
  • Council developments and design approvals
  • Town planners and engineers
  • Site assessments
  • Project management
  • Construction
  • Aftercare

Award-winning dual occupancy and duplex builders in Sydney

Since 2015, we have built many award-winning dual occupancy homes across the Sydney region, giving us an edge over the competition in expertise and experience. It's this experience that ensures your duplex will be built exactly as you envisioned.

Our prestige multi-residential development services can take your design and transform it into the luxury duplex of your dreams. Put your trust in a builder who has a flawless track record of perfectly executing dreams into reality. Our award-winning projects and countless ecstatic clients speak for themselves.

From the ground up, we complete your duplex construction using premium quality materials and an eye for precision down to every last detail. We are able to go above and beyond for our clients by choosing to only work with a loyal network of accomplished tradesmen, all of whom are the best at what they do.

Our expertise in project management allows us to perfectly orchestrate the entire build, keeping our team highly motivated and with minimal disruptions during the process.

The team at Hammercorp excels in delivering construction excellence for our clients. You are kept up to date at every stage of the project with our approachable team being there for you to answer any of your questions. We aim to make sure you feel completely comfortable during the entire process. When you need luxury duplex builders Sydney, Hammercorp is your best choice.

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